Thursday, 18 March 2010

Plot for Main Task

Rick has had an early retirement from his days of being a gangster. primarily due to the fact that he 'accidently' killed someone from his own team. he receives a call from one of his previous colleages, Mikey tell him that he's coming down to his house to sort out unfinished business. Mikey is a Psychotic gansters and is looking for revenge for the death of his friend. Rick, afraid that something bad is about to happen, packs his bags and leaves his home. He is stopped by mikey at the door and is told that he has to do one last job. to kill a man. Mikey hands him a photo of the target, to ricks suprise it is a photo of himself.mikey visciously attacks Rick with a Knife leaving him wounded and left-for-dead in his own bathroom. Will Rick survive?

*This is the fisrt draft of our plot, small alterations may be made during the editing proccess of the film*

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