Sunday, 27 September 2009

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'The Pursuit of Happyness' Essay Plan

Media language:

Mise-en-scene - Sky scrapers represent power.
Multi-cultural society, black and white, rich and poor. Poor people represent the inequalities of America.
Costume - Chris' Clothes are smart, but the quality of the fabric is not as good as the businessmen. - Expresses his struggle.
Chris' apartment is dingy, small and dull. The office he gets an internship at is bright, busy and loud. - Shows the difference between his life and work.
Red sports car represents success and hope.


Stock Market - employer purely for business, not friendly relationships.
Nusery school - Lets the children watch programmes unsuitable for them.
Hospital - Chris' car get clamped outside.
Police station - Chris has to stay over night, jeopardising his interview the following morning.


Ronald Regan is president - His speech on the t.v. stated that the Federal Budget is out of control. - Need to make restrictions on spending.
Being able to live your life in the pusuit of happiness - from the Declaration of Independance.


Working-class background.
Linda is concerned with taxes and financial matters, whereas Chris is concerned about solving the Rubick's Cube.
White-collar workers dominating big businesses.
Reverse of fortune - Chris got scammed, he scammed someone. (taxi driver).

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Homework set on 14/09/09

IAMS cat food advert: Target Audience - Cat owners/people looking to buy a cat.
This advert would attract a passive audience as there is one simple meaning in the advert: "BUY THIS PRODUCT".

"Natural Born Killers" is a film centered around how the media presents serial killers.
Target Audience - Fans of violence in media and fans of over-the-top action films.
This film would attract an active audience because the film is polysemic.

"I'Models" advertisement in the London Evening Standard.
Target Audience - People looking to become a model.
This advertisement would attract a passive audience because the message, again, is simple - URGENT MODELS REQUIRED.

'dfs' sofa sale, "save atleast £400 on a fantastic range of sofas".
Target Audience - People who are looking to buy a new sofa and people who regularly listen to the radio.
This radio advertisement would appeal to and attract a passive audience because this reflects the 'Hypodermic Needle' Model. - It is injecting the idea of 'saving money' into the audience's heads.

Eastenders: Values

Eastenders has many values, here is a list of some of them:
- Family: This includes dilemas, love and resolve.
An example of a dilema was Sam Mitchell's unexpected return and her involvement with the police. The episode usually starts with a dilema and ends with one too.
- Community: This has an impact on each storyline as each member of the community has something to tell. Also, there are places which attract community attention.
E.g. The Queen Victoria Pub (commonly known as 'The Vic'), The break-in at the community centre and the involvement of the police.
- Relationships: Relationships have an important part in Eastenders as they hold the key to how people act towards eachother. For example, Bradley and Stacey's relationship was very romantic at times, but was very on-edge for the majority of times. This affected how they acted towards eachother in later episodes.
- The past: 'What happens in the past stays in the past'. - This phrase and value is very important for Eastenders, as it's always very exciting for the audience when they see a character have a flashback or if someone that character knows comes back for them.
This can be doubled-up with Relationships, for example, as with Ricky and Sam.