Sunday, 27 September 2009

'The Pursuit of Happyness' Essay Plan

Media language:

Mise-en-scene - Sky scrapers represent power.
Multi-cultural society, black and white, rich and poor. Poor people represent the inequalities of America.
Costume - Chris' Clothes are smart, but the quality of the fabric is not as good as the businessmen. - Expresses his struggle.
Chris' apartment is dingy, small and dull. The office he gets an internship at is bright, busy and loud. - Shows the difference between his life and work.
Red sports car represents success and hope.


Stock Market - employer purely for business, not friendly relationships.
Nusery school - Lets the children watch programmes unsuitable for them.
Hospital - Chris' car get clamped outside.
Police station - Chris has to stay over night, jeopardising his interview the following morning.


Ronald Regan is president - His speech on the t.v. stated that the Federal Budget is out of control. - Need to make restrictions on spending.
Being able to live your life in the pusuit of happiness - from the Declaration of Independance.


Working-class background.
Linda is concerned with taxes and financial matters, whereas Chris is concerned about solving the Rubick's Cube.
White-collar workers dominating big businesses.
Reverse of fortune - Chris got scammed, he scammed someone. (taxi driver).

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  1. This is great Ben and extremely well organised. I look forward to reading your essay.