Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Jack, Connor, Elias and I have finished filming our preliminary task.
We filmed it at Jack's house because of ease of access and it was a suitable environment to film in.
We bordered off the part of his kitchen with the appliances in because they did not fit in with the tone of the scene. We did this by simply hanging up a dark blanket.
Our chosen genre is British Crime Thriller, so in order to get the effect of this, we chose to wear suits. I also put on a Cockney accent; the aim of this was to make it seem more believable.
To set the scene we put a small glass on the table, a trio of candlesticks on one stand, a photo of a woman and a gun.

The obvious weakness of our film is the age of the actors; Conor and I are only 17, yet it would be much better for us to have older people to act. For instance, 20-30 years old.
Another problem we faced while filming was having to hold the camera steady. We were fine with the help of the tripod, but when it came to moving the camera we faced a problem: It was hard to hold it steady. We tried looking for a skateboard but Jack didn't have one at his house, so this was a very hard obstacle to overcome.

We are now at the editing stage of the process and we are finding it relatively simple.

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