Friday, 2 July 2010

Shutter Island website analysis

The use of negative space on the website draws the viewers eyes to the prominent title, the trailer on the top-right third and the animated picture of its protagonist - which glows in a candle light referring to the theme of the film - Psychological thriller.
The main colour theme is blue, which connotes water, accompanied with a light-house. The secondary colour theme is black - which connotes, in this case, mystery. Mystery, as a theme, is portrayed throughout the whole website; The protagonist is holding a lit match close to his face, the light-house reveals nothing but fog and the buildings on Shutter Island are at a slant.
The website offers viewers to 'resolve this ongoing mystery' by placing links at the bottom of the page coloured in gold - in a metaphorical sense: Treasure is placed at the bottom of the sea for the searcher to open.

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