Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Dark Knight film poster analysis

Using Chandler's representation model

Burning Batman logo:
Reference - The building in the background looks as if it has been damaged, there is a fire on several floors cleverly revealing the Batman logo. It looks very dramatic because the contrast of burnt orange on black attracts the reader's eye.
Reception - It can be interpreted in many ways - one being that it symbolises the fall of Batman; the connotations of fire include 'danger'. Leading on from danger, the burning logo may also be seen as Batman's new enemy's warning to him. On the other hand, it may be interpreted as Batman's growing popularity with Gotham city - His logo has been branded into a sky scraper, for everyone to see, even his enemies (this could be Batman's warning to all his enemies..?) Also, the fact that the logo is on the building behind him suggests he has moral support - Metaphorically speaking, he has the whole of Gotham City behind him.
The institution's choice behind the burning logo of Batman is to inform the readers that the film contains action and menace. The production team chose the bright colour of the logo to entice readers, also, to make it stand out - forcing a passer-by to sub-consciously take a mental note of it.

Menacing theme from top to bottom:
Reference - The smoke pouring from the building, the burning logo itself, the dark sky, the sparks shooting in the air, the tagline 'welcome to a world without rules' and the dark, scary-looking figure of Batman are all implications for a menacing theme.
Reception - One interpretation of the dark, menacing them of the poster is that Batman will reveal a darker side to himself in the film, which will interest the reader. This darker side may have been responsible for the destruction of the building in the background. Another interpretation of this theme is that chaos is in full swing in Gotham City, and that Batman is stuck in the middle of it (hens the positioning of him).
Production - The menacing them of the poster will interest and excite fans of the superhero, once again, it attracts readers because it is a carefully-put-together picture. The production team wanted the reader of the poster to be enticed by the exciting mise-en=scene, also for the reader to ask questions about Batman's status in the film.

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  1. what about the similarities to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. there is a lot of underlying themes within the film as well