Sunday, 1 November 2009

Representation Homework


Stereotyping is something that we all do, it is a natural part of the way our minds work and not necessarily, in itself, a bad thing.

The four parts of a media storage:
- Appearance - This can include physical appearance as well as clothing a sound of voice.
- Behaviour - Typical things that people in this group might do.
- The stereotype is constructed in ways that fir the particular medium - E.g. One group of stereotypes are created in very different ways.
- There will always be a comparison whether real or imaginary with 'normal' behaviour - E.g. On the News, tales of striking workers (another stereotype) are always contrasted with interviews with 'normal' people who are suffering as the result of their actions.

Changing representations - Countertypes

The orgional stereotype of black people was negative. In the film 'Independance Day', Will Smith is seen as a strong and positive hero. This is changing the origional stereotype into something different.

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